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SaaS Email Automation

Automatically sent emails to saas customers based on stripe actions, Like welcome, card failed etc. A onboarding and retention customer relation mail automation app


Underground Mining Automation

The system that lets to automate the fleet of underground self-propelled equipment for hardrock mining (i.e. drill rigs, underground loaders, underground trucks)...


Engineering Product Development Consultancy in Robotics & Automation

Our clients can have our team fully manage and execute their hardware product development, including conceptualization, design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing. We specialize working with startup founders and young companie..


Drop Shipping and Ecommerce Automation Software

Intelligently and automatically routes orders to the right vendor or warehouse. Centralize orders from all of your ecommerce channels in one place. Speed up the time to market for new products with our product onboarding tools.


Name Needed for Marketing Automation Software

**OVERVIEW** Marketing automation platform similar to Eloqua, Marketo,, etc. **HOOKS** Brings your web marketing "alive" and makes your sites "sentient." Allows you to intelligently engage your web visitors...


Social Automation Web Application

I need a name for my new web application. The application will automate social networks such as following/liking etc. The application is a set and forget app. Any suggestions are good, one word or two.


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