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Local SMS / Text Messaging Provider - 426 names

We are looking at launching a local SMS / TEXT messaging service for small business / local merchants. Merchants will get their own phone number, and create keywords to help market their business...


Mobile Marketing Company SMS Messages - 243 names

Start-up company in the telecommunication sector , mobile marketing. Ideally the name should contain a word "text","mobile","sms" but it's not a requirement. Made-up short and catchy name is preferred (brand-able rather than generic).


SMS Gateway Website Domain - 151 names

I am creating an sms gateway website and need a decent, memorable and catchy .com, things I came up with (but were taken) are: smsgate.com fastsms.com txtgate.com Ideas welcomed and points will be awarded appropriately.


SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents - 95 names

We offer realtors a SaaS SMS marketing service that allows anyone to text a 'short-code' (e.g. 12345) with a specific keyword and receive a reply with detailed information about the property/listing. See similar service at streettext.com


Web 2.0 Voip App(SMS Calls) Name Similar to Skype and Rebtel - 172 names

I'm creating a VoIp or telecommunications app, in which users can send text,pictures,audio SMS and can call each other for free as well as phone numbers for a fee. This service is basically the same as Skype, rebtel and others...


Bulk SMS Text Messaging Service Targetting Schools/Colleges/Universities/Clubs - 89 names

We already operate a Bulk SMS service but it doesnt really target anyone in particular. I'm looking to set up a separate website which is specifically targetted to schools who want to send SMS to parents...

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Hand-picked names

CleanTexting.com MsgFace.com
TelRapid.com SenseSMS.com
LuxPrisms.com EaseTexting.com
TextingLogic.com SMSSum.com
UTextMost.com UTextAll.com
TxtAdvantage.com SmsOffer.com
Note2Parents.com Farlor.com
Textzumi.com Dialay.com
Xerbu.com Texuto.com
Voithor.com Voorio.com

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Picometer Names

ToPicometer.com HectareSmoot.com
SheafOctad.com PicometreMilligram.com
SheafJerib.com DeciliterBushel.com
PicoliterCentimeter.com KilometerSmidgen.com
GutenbergKilogram.com NanometerSmoot.com
JeribFermi.com HectareNanometer.com
SmootMicromicron.com MegapixelFermi.com
MillimeterPicoliter.com MilliliterBushel.com
MicromicronLightyear.com MicromicronBushel.com
SheafLightyear.com BushelLightyear.com

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Picoliter Names

BushelKilogram.com CentimeterJerib.com
MilligramDeciliter.com MegameterBushel.com
DeciliterBreadth.com PicometerLightyear.com
DecigramDecimeter.com WidthNanometer.com
ZollSheaf.com GutenbergBushel.com
GutenbergKilometer.com LightyearKilometer.com
WidthPicogram.com GutenbergMillimeter.com
MegameterOctad.com JeribBreadth.com
PicometerMegapixel.com LightyearOctad.com
SmootDecimeter.com SmidgenMicrogram.com

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Decimeter Names

DeciliterMegapixel.com KilogramMicrogram.com
LightyearDecigram.com MilliliterDm.com
DeciliterMilligram.com PicometerDm.com
SmootNanometer.com FermiSmidgen.com
KilogramSmoot.com JeribOctad.com
LightyearJerib.com SheafCentimeter.com
MegameterLightyear.com DmDeciliter.com
PicogramNanometer.com SmidgenOctad.com
MilligramDecigram.com DmFermi.com
DecimetrePicometer.com OctadGutenberg.com

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