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Dating App for Cannabis Enthusiasts

This is a dating app for locations where recreational weed is legal. App can be one word with My, Try, Me, etc. Short names welcome. Can be dirty, silly, etc. The more the merrier.


Cannabis Hackathon

This will be a weekend event similar to Startup Weekend (, except the focus will be on starting a cannabis company and consumption is allowed (in legal states). Participants will consist of developers, designer..


Cannabis Cooking Show and Cookbook

Well...the title is pretty self explanatory. Domain name MUST be available.


Cannabis Cultivation & Production Company

We are a cannabis production (packaging, drying, curing, extraction) and a cultivator. We are approved by Health Canada...


Cannabis Distribution Company

An Oregon wholesaler/distributor of cannabis products and accessories, led by an experienced, dynamic and uniquely positioned management team, focused on the Craft market and message. We believe that the craft market (and marketing), a..


Curated Cannabis App for Newbies

Cannabis app designed to educate and help users find the right cannabis product for them We lead consumers to products Help educate People about cannabis Quantity the effects of cannabis Simplify the Selection process Cureate the ..


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