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Cellphone Docking Station - Animal Figure / Novelty - 286 names

Animal related names The product will be an animal... Specifically animals like a turtle, hippo, duck - anything that can accommodate a charging cord, it would hold the phone on a desk, etc...


Cellphone / Computer / Electronic Repair Tools - 126 names

We are a repair tool manufacturer looking to to rebrand, we mostly work with cellphone but also manufacture computer tools and other small tools . A few examples we like is: Radtech, gTool, iTools, etc.


Marketing Agency - 174 names

EDIT: Some good ideas so far - i quite like names with marketing in the title - so these are probably my favs at the moment. I need a name for my new marketing consultancy business...


Cannabis Hackathon - 149 names

This will be a weekend event similar to Startup Weekend (www.startupweekend.org), except the focus will be on starting a cannabis company and consumption is allowed (in legal states). Participants will consist of developers, designer..


Marketplace Similar to Ebay - 245 names

Looking for a name for a site that will be a marketplace similar to alibaba / ebay B2C must be short highly brandable no numbers no dashes the less character the better. - preferably 6 character ( less than 10 , unless it is very..


Need a Name for a New Promotional/Staffing Agency - 174 names

**New detailed information added** Need a name for a promotional agency I am starting. The agency will work with Brands to provide brand ambassadors/promotional models for their campaign or event...

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Hand-picked names

TeleDockBee.com HighRepair.com
DingoBit.com ToolsElectronic.com
CrocodilePad.com PumaDock.com
AntDock.com ToolFlux.com
BoarDock.com VoltGiraffe.com
SheepMi.com OxSense.com
HippoDocking.com GigaRoc.com
MaticWhale.com TeraMole.com
Infinecto.com Calftronics.com
Slugtronics.com Electrofixtools.com

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Cellphone Repair Names

HighRepair.com CellPhoneInspect.com
CellPhoneRework.com CellPhoneDiagnostic.com
OutRepair.com ToolTone.com
ToolViews.com CellphoneElectronic.com
WhizTool.com AscentRepair.com
FonioTech.com ZodeTech.com
QuirTech.com ToolFlux.com
ToolReCreate.com CircleCellphone.com
RepairVio.com Molotool.com
ITekTools.com Electrofixtools.com

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Cell Names

TipTapTrend.com DonkeyCell.com
CellCentra.com CellSheath.com
WindBlocked.com IconCellular.com
MicMasked.com ProfileCellar.com
XcelCell.com AbsentWind.com
DorkPenguin.com CelAura.com
LemurTron.com FoneCellular.com
Computersledge.com Giracello.com
Hostexcelle.com Alpacello.com
Micten.com Econcell.com

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Cell Phone Names

CellMicArmor.com MicShell.com
PuppyDock.com ThinkDose.com
TransMuff.com MareDock.com
CellBitsol.com MicNozzle.com
DuckAtor.com ExchangeFone.com
NyxTools.com MykeScreen.com
TeraMole.com Cellixi.com
Celxchange.com Haretek.com
Dymicro.com Nerdcharge.com
Mobilalia.com Rycelle.com

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