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Blockchain Platform for Credentials/Certifications - 273 names

We are looking to rename our company, BadgeForce. Our online platform allows people/companies to create digital copies of credentials/certifications using blockchain technology (for those that don't know, blockchain = an online public l..


Professional IT Certification Training Site - 133 names

I am looking to start up a training site which specialises in providing training materials for passing exams in the professional IT training niche. The target audience is IT professionals, consultants, system administrators and IT/netwo..


Gaming Leaderboard - 112 names

A 1vs1 leaderboard for the game Titanfall that operates on a weekly basis.


Skill Finder Software - 370 names

Tech based business for locating available resource with relevant skills and in right location. Targeting large variation of industries that source skilled workers...


Digital Currencies Exchange - 227 names

A Nigerian based digital currencies trading platform offering local currencies, Bitcoin & Ethereum etc across Africa. Need a unique and memorable name.


Brand / Website Selling Refurbished Phone - 394 names

Hello, I am looking for a name for a brand /website. I am selling refurbished phone online. - High Quality product - Service - Green Market First, it will be for french market, so need an easy quick international name :)

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Hand-picked names

TrainSphere.com CertificationAll.com
ProtectCert.com DiplomaProof.com
GradCrypto.com HonorCrypto.com
CertBlox.com CertInStone.com
ForgeLocked.com ForgeGuards.com
AccrediToken.com Credikin.com
Trustinkl.com Certwave.com
AcredigiDocu.com Certlogy.com
Certonim.com Certifous.com
Cryptalum.com Certiperma.com

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Certificate Names

HackCertificate.com PrudentDigiCertificate.com
CertificatedBlockchain.com LicencesPermit.com
RegistrationExemption.com VoucherAffidavits.com
LicensesPassport.com AffidavitsWaivers.com
NoticeVoucher.com DocumentsLicenses.com
DiplomaApprovals.com LicenseLicence.com
ResidencyExemption.com VoucherResidency.com
AuthorizationLicense.com WaiverLicense.com
DocumentsLicenses.com PermitsVisas.com
ExemptionAuthorization.com DiplomaAffidavits.com

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Accreditation Names

SitingEligibility.com ExemptiveEligibility.com
AuthorizationEligibility.com ClemencyResidency.com
AppraisalPrimacy.com ApprovalExemptive.com
RegulatoryVisas.com ApprovalEligibility.com
AuthorisationReimbursement.com VerificationLicensing.com
ReferralCitizenship.com PermissionRegistration.com
WaiverSiting.com LicensingAuthorization.com
ReimbursementRegulatory.com ReferralVisas.com
ParoleLicensure.com ExemptiveLicensure.com
RegistrationResidency.com ApprovalReimbursement.com

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Waiver Names

WaiverTours.com CertificationExclusion.com
ExemptiveNotification.com RenewalCertification.com
DeferralRenewal.com CertificationModification.com
VisasVisa.com LicenseApprovals.com
ModificationLicense.com ResidencyVisa.com
AbandonmentAsylum.com RevocationExtension.com
CertificationApprovals.com VisaAuthorization.com
ExemptiveAsylum.com AmnestyRevocation.com
ExclusionModification.com CertificationAbandonment.com
ExemptionExemptive.com RehearingRenewal.com

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