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Chocolate Name Contests

Personalised Chocolate Company Name

A name is required for branch of company selling personalised, painted chocolates. The name must be easy to remember, with no alternate spelling variances...


Chocolate Shop

A beautiful, classy and exclusive sounding name needed for an artisan, handmade chocolate making business. Creating bespoke and personalised chocolate bars and lollipops


Online Worldwide Big Brands Chocolate Shop

We want to offer overseas students, ex pats, those working away from home the opportunity to purchase some familiar big brand chocolate. Chocolate bars that would have been part of their childhood...


Name for a Chocolate Brand and a Blog Documenting the Whole Process

I'm about to start out as a chocolatier (Chocolate maker) and there for I need a brand name for the chokolade it self and for the blog I want to create that will document the whole process of making the chocolate. I'm living in Denma..


Need a Name for an Organic Chocolate Company

Natural and organic chocolate bars, gums, peanut butter cups, toffee


Name for a Brigadeiro (Brazilian Chocolate Truffles) Physical and Online Store

We are looking for a great brand name for a new business that will be inspired in the most iconic and traditional brazilian sweet: The Brigadeiro. Brigadeiro look like chocolate Truffles but the have the texture and consistency of so..


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