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Body Scanning Business Names

Domain Name Contest created 2 months ago

Body Scanning Business Names

Domain Name Contest created 2 months ago

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Please Read Through Before Submission, Thank you!!! What I do for clients is that I perceive their energy fields, I perform a mental scan of their bodies from head to toe, I then gather the information and tell them what I see, what it means. I also provide insight into their current psychic gifts which they can hone in on and apply to every day practical use. I try to steer away from using esoteric or metaphysical terminology and I try to focus more on standard scientific terminology since we are all surrounded made up of energy. Target Market: anyone who is ready to experience knowing themselves as a deeper level, anyone who would like to learn about the human energy field and its applications.

Please refrain from overly esoteric and metaphysical terminology such as the word 'Aura' it heavily carries a semi-negative connotation nowadays, sadly. I much prefer scientific, non-religious, terminology . The reason is that I am trying to elevate the current perception of the human energy field into something that is more valid and that is very real.

Specifics That May Help You: _I 'see' the aura such as colors _I can perceive health issues of tissues, organs, body parts _I sense subtle temperature changes of the body _I can perform distance 'seeing' _I can 'see' which 'gifts' or heightened sense, a person is currently exhibiting such as: clairaudience, clairsentient, etc. _I create what I call Body Maps where I color in the colors and I diagram where ailments are showing. _I can view remotely another persons state of being: aura, colors, health, and spiritual messages they are conveying. _I can refer a person out to where they should go to if they wish to further their skill in the particular 'gift' they are experiencing if they ask or show interest. _I am developing a book and kit so that other persons like me can or who would like to do what I do can train themselves. This will be offered online and very affordable.

Thank you!

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