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Company and Brand Names

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I am looking for a simple and easy to remember yet bold and trendy Company Name. This company is the import & export company, sourcing product for its customers under their brand names. In addition, this company will also sell and distribute its own brands to USA consumers. Therefore, we also need 2 brand names.

Brand #1 - Premium, Gourmet, Healthy and Natural Ingredient. Product line - Canned/Pouch Seafood, Vegetable, Fruit, Soup, Beverage, and Snack Bar.

Brand #2 - selling similar products but general FDA standard quality product.

I am not sure how to reward the winner as this is my first time here. If it's not illegal, I would like to offer the following.

Winner of each name (company, brand 1 and brand 2) will receive $200 cash gift card. All names must be free and legally able to register in USA.

IBy participating in this contest, each contestant will receive a complete gourmet canned tuna and salmon product package from me. Absolutely Free.

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Keyword suggestions: active international niche low cost high quality nutrition delicious family food global gourmet healthy home natural seafood sports tasty trust younger

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