Crowd Funding Website Names

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Crowd Funding Website Names

Find available domain names, hold name contests

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Real Estate Crowd Investing Site

A Real estate crowd investing platform that uses block chain and tokenization of private property assets to allow small investors to invest directly in private residential and commercial real estate assets all over the world

Long Term Investments Using Crowd Wisdom

Purpose - Have a large crowd that will discuss and decide on the best approach to go about long term investment. Audience - People who work or have interest in the financial markets.

Crowd Funding Domain Name

Need a domain name for a crowd-funding site like kickstarter. Website is related to farming and agriculture crowd funding...

A New Crowdsourcing Consulting Firm

It's a crowdsourcing consulting firm. The firm helps organizations harness the power of crowd wisdom - and unlock the innovation in the organization teams...

Crowd Funding Website Names

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