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Device Company Medical Name Contests

Bird Speed Device / App Name

Hello, we made a device that calculates speed of birds and flying objects, the whole thing is based on technology and a mobile app so name has to be modern and techy and short we dont prefer to use the word bird, keywords can be..


Smart Gardening Device Website

Hello, We need a name for a website for our smart gardening device. Currently we have "grow" domain registered on a non .com tld...


Need a Name for my Medical Devices E-Commerce Store

Purpose ---------- I am one of the leading medical devices supplier in india. The major part of my business is Ultrasound scanners...


Color Reader Device (Matching Paint Colors)

We are a hardware start up and looking for a great domain name as well as company name. The name should be for the company and not the product itself...


Medical Device Company E-Commerce

E-commerce store for medical devices


Medical Device Company

Medical device startup with a hardware product that uses biosensors, predictive analytics, real-time location monitoring to allow caregivers a proactive means of preventing cognitively impaired patients (think Alzheimer's dementia) patie..


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