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Software for Touch Devices (Final Round)

Hi again! After receiving several great variations from you in the last contest, we chose to start a new round - however, this time focusing on the word "Touch" - this after we had internal consensus that it is the best way to go...

Tech Blog/Advice Site Focused on Smart Homes and Connected Home Devices

Hi, thank you for checking out my contest. I'm looking for a name for a blog/article site...

Need a Name for my Medical Devices E-Commerce Store

Purpose ---------- I am one of the leading medical devices supplier in india. The major part of my business is Ultrasound scanners...

Medical Device Company E-Commerce

E-commerce store for medical devices

Medical Device Company

Medical device startup with a hardware product that uses biosensors, predictive analytics, real-time location monitoring to allow caregivers a proactive means of preventing cognitively impaired patients (think Alzheimer's dementia) patie..

Distributing Company for Medical Devices

Non surgical devices sold to Doctors who have incorporated cosmetic treatments into their practices. would like a name to be non specific short and catchy possibly giving the perception of medical weather it be in the name or the logo

Get names from our community 7443 businesses named

Get names from our community 7443 businesses named

Get name suggestions from our community

7443 businesses named. Read more

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