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Sega Dreamcast Collector's Blog - 201 names

I'm a Sega Dreamcast collector (that's a video game console, just in case). I collect everything from games to promo posters and want to create a blog documenting my progress in this ultimate quest (.com)...


Health and Fitness Blog - 217 names

We are starting a health and fitness blog all about eating healthy, exercising and losing weight.


Vegetarian Food Blog and Book - 228 names

I am planing to build a website and publish a book. but My brain has the limitation of thinking about the title...


A Travel Blog and Potentially a Spin Off Swimwear or Travel Products Brand. - 217 names

Name for a travel blog and potentially a spin off swimwear or travel products brand. I recently went on a 4 month back packing trip around Asia and am looking for a name for my travel blog...


A Video Game Blog - 234 names

Writer looking to start a video game blog doing reviews, telling stories about the games, gaming news, etc. Need a name that will encompass all related to video games including Xbox, Playstation, PC, and all games MMOs, RPG, First-Perso..


Career Blog - 196 names

A blog about careers and employment. Things such as: interview tips, resume writing tips, etc.

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Hand-picked names

MarineDiary.com VagabondDiary.com
MeowMeowDiary.com RayesDiary.com
VoguesDiary.com NotepadBlog.com
ScrapbookCorrespondence.com EssaysLatest.com
CalendarAnnouncement.com TranscriptHot.com
DiariesBeat.com EssaysDesk.com
ManuscriptWeblog.com NotepadMessages.com
EssaysWeekly.com LedgerArticles.com
ScrapbooksWords.com ScrapbooksPaper.com
EncyclopediaScan.com TypewrittenEcho.com

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Journal Names

TheWandersThing.com TravelTrampRecords.com
EthicalStories.com PatioJournal.com
LearnerLove.com LearnTrunk.com
LearningAloft.com ImpactHonestly.com
WriteWayfarer.com EthicalEditor.com
JournalCompress.com WanderersLounge.com
ANomadInUs.com Gizmeek.com
Zeekismo.com Journalatory.com
AWanderersNotes.com Famicia.com
Toddlerish.com Kidhee.com

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Online Journal Names

NewLifestyleJournal.com HardRockJournal.com
ExcelJournal.com BookingJournal.com
MewsJournal.com OverseasPeriodical.com
InternetTabloid.com SpecializedMonographs.com
EducationalPublications.com DigitalTexts.com
InternetNewspaper.com VirtualPublication.com
ComputerizedDictionary.com VideoGuidebook.com
WirelessMagazines.com AutomatedMagazines.com
TraditionalTabloid.com VideoRigor.com
CableEncyclopedia.com VirtualPapers.com

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Travel Journal Names

TheWandersThing.com AdventureWords.com
TravelTrampRecords.com NatureTarget.com
NatureNotice.com AdventureFeature.com
TravellersAvenue.com WayfarerTracker.com
NomadUpdates.com WriteSights.com
WriteAwol.com WriteWayfarer.com
WanderfullLife.com TravelsColumns.com
WanderersLounge.com HappenWrite.com
AWalkToNature.com WayfarerByNature.com
ANomadInUs.com AWanderersNotes.com

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