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Something that conveys - earth / plants / grow / natural would be nice but not essential // could look at forms / shapes eg Arc (already taken) // hippy but not too hippy Focus is on holistic growth of artists, working in a fair way to all parties involved, always friendly/approachable, representing music across a wide range of (niche and experimental) genres, challenging norms, promoting diversity Hidden in plain sight, INTUITION, vulnerability, strength Could end with - Agency, Artists, Bookings, Studio, Group etc Words I was drawn to - Ally Alto ambient Ambika Ambit Anqet Arc Arcamis Arcana Arcat architecture archive Archway Arcole Arkadia Asana Aspect aura Aurora Axon Babel Baffle body Bounty canny celestial Centre Cerebral Chakra chamber Collision Colony connected conscious construct Copper Cosmic Coven Craft creative cult Cultural curate Cyber Cycle Dance deep Dialogue Dream drift Echo Element Elemental elevate emotion Empire ephemeral equinox Exoteric fair Feeling Flash Flit forms Fractal Fuse Glow Goddess Gold Growth hardcore her Herb hidden Holistic Imagination Inner Instinct intuit Intuition intuitive Java Join Karma Kin Kinship land Latex leisure Maven Meditation mercury Moss Neo nomad Nott nova Ocean optimism oracle Orbit Outliers Outwith pagan partner Path perform performance Perseus Plant platform play plays point poly Pool power Primal primitive principles Process Pure purpose radiant radical radius Rapt Rapture Reaction rebel resonance Ritual rondo Safety Sanctuary scent Seed Sense Sensual servant Shape Shoot sight Signal Siren solar spark stability Storm Strength Strong Subvert Super Therapy tight Trance Tribe Ultra Unite Universe Vase venus vesper vibrant vibration voice Volt Voodoo Wild World Zone

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