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Fictional Company Name Used as an Example Company and Domain - 205 names

I need a name for a fictional company. We are a big systems house and consulting company and have the need for an additional domain name just for testing and offering our potential customers a demo environment where testing all kind of ..


USCG Merchant Mariner Exam Training Website - 224 names

A website designed to help merchant mariners in both deck and engine department study for their USCG exam.


E-Learning Site Focused on Preparing People for Master Mariner Marine Exams - 266 names

Niche site where people can take practice tests, review course materials and resources to prepare to challenge various exams associated with being certified as a Master Mariner


Gaming Leaderboard - 112 names

A 1vs1 leaderboard for the game Titanfall that operates on a weekly basis.


Skill Finder Software - 370 names

Tech based business for locating available resource with relevant skills and in right location. Targeting large variation of industries that source skilled workers...


Digital Currencies Exchange - 227 names

A Nigerian based digital currencies trading platform offering local currencies, Bitcoin & Ethereum etc across Africa. Need a unique and memorable name.

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Hand-picked names

MarineMill.com MarineFine.com
ExtraPrep.com SkillMarine.com
FreeMariner.com AceMariners.com
MarineVituoso.com MarinerTestPro.com
SeafarerBuzz.com PropelKnots.com
PropelKnots.com MarinerExamHelp.com
PolarisPursue.com MarinerEHelp.com
Craftglee.com Shecrafter.com
Marinefost.com Navigatorist.com
Verballe.com MMCertify.com

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Bank Exams Names

TelecomsQualification.com LoansExam.com
AirlineClasses.com InstitutionCurricula.com
FinancialExam.com TelecomsCurriculums.com
AirlineCourses.com SteelmakerCurriculums.com
MortgageDiploma.com InstitutionsTextbook.com
GovernmentDiplomas.com BrokerScreenings.com
CorporationTextbooks.com InvestmentCurricula.com
CarrierScreenings.com ThriftProficiency.com
FinancialCancers.com SteelmakerSyllabus.com
AirlineTesting.com InsurerDiplomas.com

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Online Exam Names

SkyExamPrep.com ExamSkyPrep.com
ExamThink.com ExamPrepNol.com
NexaMall.com ExamPrepsAloft.com
ExaminationBooking.com GamifiedExamPrep.com
AcademicsExaminer.com Socioexam.com
Examfidence.com WirelessCurriculum.com
GlobalAudit.com DigitalCheckup.com
DigitalTests.com DiscountTesting.com
LocalClasses.com ComputerScores.com
SpecialtyInspection.com DigitalClasses.com

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Examination Names

ExaminationMedical.com ExaminationDoc.com
ExaminationBooking.com ExaminationChart.com
ReExaminationRevue.com AuditEvaluation.com
AnalysesConsultation.com ExaminationsAssessment.com
AnalysesTesting.com DiagnosisFindings.com
EvaluationFindings.com ScrutinyDiscussion.com
ScrutinyStudies.com TestingObservations.com
InspectionsExam.com ExamsAssessment.com
DiscussionAppraisal.com TestingScrutiny.com
DiagnosisDiagnostic.com EvaluationObservation.com

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