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  • Random names, pronounceable in different languages
  • Compound words with keywords
  • 200 niche wordlists that can be combined and merged
  • Find intersecting words, alliterations, rhymes, dictionary domains

Name Contests

Hold a Name Contest to get ideas, discuss names, rate candidates.

With a crowdsourced Contest you can receive entries from our community. NameStation has a Talent Points system to motivate contributors.

Earn rewards for name suggestions

While there are many people who gladly help others without expecting to get anything in return, most could use a little extra motivation. For those spending time coming up with creative name ideas for you we award our users with Talent Points, which are given according to the votes given to their name suggestions.

Keyword Suggestions

Find semantically related words, synonyms, translations. Research etymologies, reverse dictionaries, definitions, plural and singular forms etc. Create Custom Lists to find niche domain names.

Plus much more ...

  • Hand-picked niche domains can be found in the community-powered catalogue .
  • Reputation Scoring system, rewards for people suggestion creative ideas
  • Domain registration prices monitoring, registrar comparison
  • Trending names and neologisms
  • RSS feeds with available domains
  • Team accounts for agencies and professionals