Feedback Names

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Feedback Names

Find available domain names, hold name contests

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HHRR 360 Degree Feedback Software

UPDATE 03/05/2018: we are liking combined names or new words name max length 10 UPDATE: We are a Mexican company so you can use some spanish words. We are a software company that develop a 360 degree feedback software (SaaS) to com..

User Feedback Analytics/SaaS Site

A SaaS tool for user feedback, user analytics, tracking, etc. Must be a .com. Competing with companies like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Uservoice, etc. I like names like those. The simpler the better. Trendy but professional.

Name Our New Brand Feedback / Review / Complaint App

APP NAME IS MOST IMPORTANT. Working out the website address is second...

Fun Name for a Customer Feedback Platform

We're working on a fun and engaging survey tool for service businesses to gather insightful and actionable feedback from their customers. Our platform is focused on asking the right questions to get the best possible feedback in orde..

Assisting With the Delay of Educational Feedback Between Teachers and Parents

We are looking to name an application to solve the delay of classroom feedback of students in Primary schools aged between 5-13. It primary aim is for parents to have more information available from teachers...

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