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Domain for a Product that Makes Your Breath Fresh "Oral Hygiene"

Target audience 15-28 A new product to clean your tongue. Product looks slick and sexy, the promotion revolves around young sexy teens having the solution to the ever-present problem of bad breath effecting their social status/ ro..

Fresh Meal Service

Fresh and healthy meals ordered online and delivered to your door. We're targeting people who are trying to conveniently eat a delicious healthy meal.

Unified Commerce for Fresh Foods

Our company sells unified commerce solutions, including self-ordering on kiosks, the web and on mobile devices, as well as digital menu boards, to grocery stores and fast food restaurants. We're looking for a great new name for our busi..

Need a Name for my Company that Delivers Fresh Meat

We are a butchers company that used to sell from shops but have just changed to a home delivery service only. We cut the meat into the orders customers place and deliver it to their door...

Digital "Weekly Market" (Get Local and Fresh Products Delivered to You)

A online-shop and company name for a digital "weekly market". We offer meat, fruits and vegetables from local farmers with a fast delivery to you...

Energetic and Fresh Name for an Elder Care Store.

Looking for an energetic and fresh name for an elder care store. Our products focus on empowerment, individuality, caring, activity, and positivity...

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