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BABY PRODUCTS Domain (Brand) Name. Generous UP Points Given!!! - 464 names

An EYE-CATCHING, CUTE, CATHY and ORGANIC/GREEN sound like domain name is required for my BABY PRODUCTS (better can be brand name as well), the product range is from baby clothing, diapers to baby healthcare. Some baby domain/brand na..


Sweepstakes Contests Prizes and Giveaways Search Engine - 104 names

The mission of this web site page is to list as many online contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways available online as possible! The page contains links to individual contests, as well as blogs and websites that list daily (sometimes hour..


Tool for Demographic Profiling of People in Any Given Location - 108 names

This is a B2B tool which allows to determine demographic profiles of people in any given location, both in real time and historically. The client tells a location and is given basic data about gender, age, income brackets etc...


Website for Special Needs Caregivers - 48 names

An upbeat website that will provide resources, on-line support groups, forums, and recommend providers to individuals who have a connection to a person with a disability or Special Needs. It is a positive website intended to inform, pro..


A Name for a Formula that Gives You a Hard Number on the Effectivity in an IT Department. - 201 names

A good name for a mathematical formula that allows a company to measure their development team’s (IT) effectivity and capacity. The formula provides a way to mathematically assess the team, quantifying the performance of its people, the..


Give a Brand Name for a Variety of Outdoor Sport Activities Products - 223 names

We'd like to have a brand name for our new product lines that will be focus on outdoor sport activities. Please be creative. Domain name must be available. No specific keyword required. Prefer to have one word only, max. two words.

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Hand-picked names

SweetGives.com VisionRocs.com
TuningEyes.com EmergentEyes.com
CubsDock.com ProfileCellar.com
KiddiePhiles.com TykesLane.com
Giveandgrin.com Frefun.com
Givegetcircle.com Eyession.com
Acthrust.com ITperpace.com
Babivilla.com Sportarti.com
Smallcy.com Eyeyone.com
Sportsress.com Munchyo.com

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Giving Names

LoverGlobal.com CityExpressed.com
CityReveals.com HelpingLite.com
GiftGivingGroup.com CompassionSense.com
TicketGiving.com PleasureSeason.com
ShotTwist.com FuseKarma.com
HelpingBucket.com CharityKismet.com
SelectedPresent.com QarmaGift.com
DonatingSocios.com Donube.com
Shmooched.com Giffeal.com
Givinis.com Gifeta.com

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Gave Names

BlogAvenueRevenue.co.uk LivingAvenue.co.uk
BookingAve.co.uk BioGave.co.uk
MegaVerve.co.uk DrivingAvenue.co.uk
PackagingAvenue.co.uk RecruitingAvenue.co.uk
AspiringAvenue.co.uk EstateGavel.co.uk
GavelNews.co.uk GavelGuy.co.uk
GaveTV.co.uk GigaVector.co.uk
4gave.co.uk Megaversa.co.uk
Agavera.co.uk Yogaventurers.co.uk
Mogaves.co.uk Gavest.co.uk

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Provide Names

LegalArena.net NetFida.net
IntraQuip.net LearnProvider.net
ProvideTrend.net AppointmentArena.net
Flare-up.net SimplicByte.net
IsletIT.net Spectry.net
VPNVista.net Flevet.net
FoofIP.net Expedated.net
Myfastgym.net Textocrat.net
ITomatically.net IPveneer.net
Elearningmethod.net Signaltive.net

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