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Homemade Crafts Name Ideas


Craft/DIY Website - 156 names

Hi. I need a short,catchy,and brandable name for a crafts/diy website. Please don't provide names that have .com available but being parked and sold at a premium price.


Craft Business Name - 119 names

This is my second attempt at trying to find a name for my craft business. I am being really picky about my name because I do not want to change it...


Craft Blog - 167 names

Looking for a clever name that is easy to remember. Starting a new blog. Main focus will be crafts and DIY along with some money saving ideas. Crafts include sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and jewelry making.


Fun and Creative Name for Blog About Crafts Cooking Pets DIY and More! - 92 names

Looking for a creative and fun name for a new blog that will cover all kinds of topics including DIY, crafts, pets, cooking, gardening and generally whatever else I think of to post about. The name should be easy to spell, and preferabl..


Brandable Name For Metal Crafting Business - 248 names

I`m looking for a great brandable name for my new startup business in metal crafting . Im a metalworker and create all sorts of metal things...


Need Domain Name for Minecraft Server - 101 names

I need good name suggestions for domain & minecraft server too, I will name both same so need unique domain name, shorter domain is preferred.

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Hand-picked names

MindCrafts.com SalonArty.com
ArtAvow.com MaxiCrafts.com
NovoCrafts.com BoostCrafts.com
MotleyBlog.com ActualCrafts.com
SewingCraftsKit.com HardCraftsman.com
AllyMaggieCrafts.com Artuate.com
Flexicrafts.com Craftshoot.com
Ziosy.com Artificant.com
Contrasy.com Craftsoo.com
Viork.com WeCraftsy.com

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Homemade Beauty Products Names

StyleStone.com BeautyLiftLab.com
EverBeautyLab.com HealthBlissBless.com
BeautyStarters.com Beebalmbeautybusiness.com
PremOrganics.com VitalBlitz.com
EarthlySpin.com EnrichOrganics.com
BeauExotica.com BeauBonobo.com
SergeantGreen.com RainseedBeauty.com
Deluxesign.com Beautyry.com
Mayvalid.com Dermoval.com
Bidior.com Beautiti.com

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Ciabatta Names

CafeCiabatta.com CinnamonMuffin.com
BrownieMuffin.com DoughCannole.com
LayersPatisserie.com ConfectionDonuts.com
DoughPatisserie.com PuddingBiscuit.com
BoulangeriePastry.com CannoleMuffin.com
BrownieConfection.com BoulangerieCracker.com
FlourLayers.com DoughMuffin.com
BrownieCracker.com CookieCupcakes.com
BrownieBiscuit.com CannoleBiscuit.com
BrowniePudding.com MuffinDanish.com

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Boulangerie Names

DonutsWheat.com FlourCiabatta.com
CrackerBrownie.com LoafCupcakes.com
CinnamonCupcakes.com WheatDanish.com
EclairMerinque.com BagelLayers.com
CupcakesMerinque.com LoafToast.com
CinnamonToast.com BaguetteCupcakes.com
MuffinFlour.com BrownieMuffin.com
DonutsStrudel.com PuddingPastry.com
DonutsPastry.com EclairStrudel.com
BiscuitDonuts.com CookieBrownie.com

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