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Social Calendar App - 189 names

I'm developing an app to help make it easier for people to get together with their friends. Ideally, I'm looking for a single word name for an app that will allow people to sent calendar invites via mobile numbers, poll for the best dat..


Medieval Event Calendar and Community Website - 210 names

Dear NAMESTATION-COMMUNITY, maybe we have something special today! ?..


Peer to Peer Lending Site - 148 names

We are looking for a brand name of a new peer to peer lending site.


Web-Shop With Slow Juicers Blenders Health Supplements and Super-Foods. - 499 names

The name needs to reflect health and is targeted to health conscience persons, looking to improve and/or maintain their healthy lifestyle. We need an easy to remember simple name max 12 characters if possible...


Online Health Platform Based on Blended Learning - 219 names

We are putting our last touches to a project that will provide users with affordable eftective e-therapy focusing on stress, depression and anxiety. The portal will be based on structured cognitive programmes and will combine psycho..


Commercial Bank Lending in the Dominican Rep and Raising Capital in the US - 157 names

UPDATE: I have partially liked many of the names below, but still no cigar. I realize that I like unique names, that have a positive connotation, but the name does not necessarily mean something...

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Hand-picked names

QuickLendingSolutions.com InstantBusinessFunders.com
JamWin.com FundEngine.com
LendingZing.com LendSea.com
CrowdLendOnSky.com CapitalBundle.com
CapitalSubmit.com CreditCreateo.com
LoanTaps.com LendingPrompt.com
LendingSwirl.com MercMaxCapital.com
MercCredit.com CaPetal.com
Lendingoid.com Qronto.com
Truseli.com Commitmentlink.com

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Borrowing Names

WorkingClassBorrowing.com LendMyGear.com
LendMyGarage.com USABorrowing.com
HedgingDebts.com FundingSpending.com
ExpenditureProvisioning.com LendingOutlays.com
OverdraftInvestments.com OverdraftFinancing.com
BorrowingsProvisioning.com ExpendituresLending.com
FundingCredit.com InvestmentsInterest.com
FundingDebt.com OverdraftExpenditures.com
InvestmentsBorrow.com BorrowingsRefinancing.com
ProvisioningFunding.com BorrowingsSavings.com

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Loan Names

ClickGate.com ClickLoanHorizon.com
ClickLoanStar.com QuickServeLoans.com
QuickMicroLoans.com FriendlySkyLoan.com
HelpfulFinancialLoans.com LendingZing.com
ClickFina.com CreditCrucial.com
LoanEpic.com FinanceDigestive.com
LendingPrompt.com LoansFlux.com
LendMaker.com FinaHelpfulLoans.com
Inkloan.com Realase.com
Loansider.com Moneyernh.com

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Credit Names

CreditCardXtreme.com BankCardsBank.com
TimeCred.com CreditCreateo.com
PineCredits.com GodDeep.com
FffastPay.com GodYour.com
ListoBank.com EnabledCredit.com
FinaClan.com Debit-n-Credit.com
Numerto.com Creditaegis.com
Epicredits.com Qicpal.com
Sociofaith.com Firstepcredit.com
Electrocredits.com Sfinan.com

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