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Domain Name Contests

Get name suggestions with available domains

Domain Name Contests

Get name suggestions with available domains

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SaaS Email Automation
Business Name for Everything Five Dollar Discount Store
Beautiful Classic Watch Brand
Eco Friendly Gym
IT Company
Market Research Company
General Online Store
Marketing Consultant Startup
Blockchain Company
Image Optimization & CDN

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Contest FAQ

What happens next when I start the contest?

Our community members will get a notification when your contest is published. The first entries will start arriving within a few minutes. You'll receive an email when there are at least 10 new entries.

You can expect 150 to 250 names in 1 to 3 days.

How much does it cost?

Private contests are free if you only wish to invite friends to participate.

To get names from our community you can hold a crowdsourced public contest for $35.

How do I know that your names are any good?

Having delivered 925,344 names to 7349 contests since 2011, our global creative community members have perfected the skills needed to come up with relevant names for any niche. You can search for past contests and see for yourself.

How does NameStation rank against its competitors?

NameStation is the only naming service that has powerful research tools available for its creative community. While no algorithm can beat the creativity of a human brain, we consider our tools to be creativity enablers that help save time and quickly evaluate thousands of relevant name ideas.

What's the contest process?

During the contest you can rate and comment entries. Contestants will then post more names, refining their suggestions based on your feedback as needed.

You can make a shortlist of the best candidates. When you've chosen the name you like, please close the contest and select the winner.

Who will participate?

We have an active community of experienced name researchers with years of experience.

Can I change the brief later?

Yes, you can edit the requirements, post updates and messages to participants during the contest.

Do I have to offer rewards?

No. We have a Talent Points system to motivate contestants. The names you like receive Talent Points, which are tied to cash awards.

Will the domain be available?

Yes. Availability is checked when names are posted. Other contestants cannot see them (unless you allow it) until the contest is closed.

NameStation does not reserve any domains for you, you should register the names you like as soon as possible.

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  • Crowdsourced Name Contests

    Instead of searching, you can get our community to work for you. Our domain researchers will choose the best search techniques to come up with unique relevant names.

  • Systemic name development

    By combining creative thinking with powerful research tools, NameStation can help you find the perfect name with minimal effort.

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