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Universal Rewards Program Using Blockchain

Universal Rewards Marketplace built on blockchain. Must be consumer friendly name like Facebook...


.Com Name for a Social Rewards Basd Online Retail Shop

We are busy developing an online retail store for South African market - however, we would like an international dot com name for it - to reflect the shift in mentality and pricing. The South African market is dominated by a few "old sc..


Parents/Kids Task List Tool With Optional Points and Rewards

Parents assign kids tasks/chores/repsonsiblities, whatever you want to call them. It could be as simple as that (if the parent wants it to be, or it can be more complicated, and points can be given for each completed chore, and then aga..


Rewards and Coupons With Mobile Apps and Checkins

Looking for a domain name for a site that offers to venues the ability to have their own loyalty program with no cards and no printed coupons. Just the phone and checkins.


Rewards Software

We make software that helps merchants to run their rewards programs and use automated marketing to build repeat business. We work with both physical and online stores, mostly small to medium sized...


Rewards/Perks/Gifts (Website/Branch of Company)

Looking for name for gifts or rewards given to customers as a perk. Sort of like a branch website off the main website...


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