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Scientific Newspaper

I NEED MORE CREATIVE NAMES - I’m searching the perfect name for a online scientific newspaper regarding all kinds off science (medicine, mind, biology, chemistry etc.). I would like a simple but eye chatting name of a maximum of 8 letters...


Technology Development and Scientific Reaseach Website

A innovative technology development and scientific research company website. Want a name that is really catchy like Techcrunch, Buzzfeed, Groupon around that quality...


Scientific Company Name

We are looking for a company name with an available URL, it is for a serious company, imagine answering the phone and saying the word, Hi, This is X from ....? We are modernizing the world of analytical chemistry...


Analytical Company (Scientific Instrumentation and Analytical Services)

A next Generation Analytical company that provides services measuring transition elements for environmental and biological samples as well as manufacturing precision analytical devices/systems. Aiming for a global company...


Scientific Instrumentation Company Put Ltd Name

We deal with imagers from X-rays,Visible, THz, spectroscopy, hyper spectral,cryostats, product details on


Scientific Articles Browser

New scientific articles brower allowing users to rate articles, to comment them and to get them in open access. Designed in a first time for researchers in medicine, biology and health first, it will be available in a second time for ..


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