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Secure and Encrypted Business Email Service - 254 names

We are planing to establish a email service which is focusted on business purposes and security. Therefore we are looking for a brandable, easy to remember and catchy name...

Secure Web Browser - 218 names

This name is for a web browser with focus on privacy and security. The browser will never share data with Google and advertisers like current browsers do...

Secure Encrypted Sharing and Messaging - 81 names

Supersecure end-to-end encrypted ad-hoc sharing and messaging app (web and mobile)

Secure Web Browser - 139 names

The name is for a web browser with focus on privacy. It will be based on Chrome but will never share any data with Google or advertisers like current browsers do. Name should be catchy like Chrome and Firefox. .com must be available.

Simple and Super Secure File Share Service - 220 names

Hi, We are looking for a catchy and short name for an upcoming secure file sharing service. Since our target user group is fairly broad, the name should not be too geeky: many users will be more interested in the convenience of th..

Secure Message Service - 403 names

Online Secure Message Service, uses high encryption methods to secure messages beetwen users.

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