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Online Meal Planner Website for Busy Fmailies and Singles - 199 names

Online Meal Planner website using fresh ingredients to prepare economical, healthy and delicious meals. I am wanting to steer people away from buying takeaway (takeout) food and processed foods...

Domain for Singles who Are Sober - 292 names

We're looking for a domain name that coveys it's a website for people who are sober and looking for a date or love, etc.

Brand Name for a Blog for Single Women - 122 names

Aimed at women who are single or are single again....divorced, widowed, etc.. Will include stories of solo travel and solo experiences....

A Series of Single Ingredient Cookbooks - 208 names

A name to describe the feeling one gets when eating a new exciting flavor that you want to know more about. This is a gift item that is packaged with the ingredient and the cookbook...

Plumbing Blog Website for Single Moms Dads and Do it Yourselfers. - 223 names

This will end up being a website, a Facebook page, twitter page, and a blog. This website/FB page/twitter/blog is to help teach, show through demonstration through video, podcast and social networking to do all the basics in plumbing...

Introductions to Your Friends Single Friends - 142 names

We are a new way for single people to meet and be introduced to their friends single friends. Our target market is young professionals aged 23 to 25...

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