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LED Touch Desk Reading Lamp - 140 names

We need a Name for our new product which is an LED Touch sensitive Desk-lamp for Reading

Software for Touch Devices (Final Round) - 155 names

Hi again! After receiving several great variations from you in the last contest, we chose to start a new round - however, this time focusing on the word "Touch" - this after we had internal consensus that it is the best way to go...

Software for Touch Devices - 100 names

The software is used by e-commerce and physical retailers in order to give a new experience on touch-enabled devices - you can for example drag, drop and interact with web shops in a new way. The software brings a new way of interaction..

A Web 2.0 Service Helping Micro-Businesses to Stay in Touch With Their Customers - 140 names

A web 2.0 service helping micro-businesses to stay in touch with their customers, send them promotions and engaging with them. The service will provide marketing assistance to those businesses, helping them to increase sales...

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