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Weather Based Advertising

We are offering methods to control when and where marketers online ads are shown depending on the weather. For instance, you could only show ads when the sun is shining in your city. Short, memorable and modern name is preferred.


Name for Weather Consulting Company in Brazil

We just started a new company and we need a new brand. Our primary activity is weather consulting and climate data processing...


Weather / Wind Forecast Application

We seek a name for a weather forecast application. Our goal is to make accurate and easy to use wind forecast...


Sunblock and Weather Protection

Need name for a company that produces sunblock products and other body products specifically geared for athletes. It should be general and not super specific to sunblock (try not to include "sun" into it) because I would like the name ..


Weather Station Company

Need a name for a weather station company that will supply current weather info and forecasts. needs to be catch, fun, interesting too.


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