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Memories of Loved One (Picture Album for Funeral Home Viewing) - 198 names

This is a service for families of someone recently deceased. The funeral home would offer this service which would help the families coordinate and collect pictures from all friends and family...

App for Showing (And Making) Bookings Outside Meeting Rooms - 261 names

We have developed an app to run on tablets mounted on the walls outside meetings/conference rooms, where it will show if the room is free/vacant or busy/occupied. It also shows you what the current meeting is about (the meeting subject)..

Local Tool Lending/Borrowing/Renting Site - 119 names

Need a name for a site where users will list photos and descriptions of all their tools (hammers, saws, rakes, etc) that are available for people in the area to borrow or rent from them. The site will serve dual purposes: 1...

Service for Viewing Events Around You and Sharing Them With Friends - 97 names

Names must be .com, short i.e less than 10 characters and preferably less than 7 and memorable The shorter the better even if it is somewhat off from the site concept. We would prefer a catchy name that is short vs a descriptive name ..

Name for a Service for Growing Children - 57 names

Hi again. Last Friday we started a contest for our new company name, unfortunately most suggestions we got were too long and very focused on the provided keywords...

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